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Virtual Casting Network (VCN) is very easy to use.

We strongly recommend that you have a DSL connection or better to view any video on your computer.

All video created on the site using Quicktime. Both PC and Mac computers can view VCNs with ease as long as the computer has the Quicktime Player installed. To install the most recent free version of Quicktime go to If you are interested in downloading the video clips from our media server directly to your computer you will need to upgrade your Quicktime Player and install Quicktime Pro. ($29.95). With Quicktime Pro, you can also watch video on the full screen of your computer.

To view a scene, just click on the link, that scene will begin to play almost immediately.

Safari and Quicktime 7 issue:

Please note that there is a known bug If you are using the Safari browser with Quicktime 7 with your Mac. When you try to play video, you will see a 'Q' with a question mark. At this time, there isn't an automatic update available to resolve the problem, however you can manually fix this problem by following the steps listed below:

  1. Open the hard drive
  2. Open the Library Folder
  3. Open the Internet Plugin Folder
  4. Find the plugin titled Quicktime Plugin.webplugin and remove it to the desktop.
  5. Relaunch Safari and you shouldn't have any problem when viewing Quicktime video.
If you need any other technical assistance, call Breakdown Services at (310) 276-9166 or email us at

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